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GlowSkinWhite Whitening Body Lotion - 150ml


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GlowSkinWhite Body Lotion is an effective skin lightening lotion formulated to lighten dark spots on the body, most especially on the knees, elbows, underarm and intimate skin areas. Composed of natural ingredients, GlowSkinWhite Body Lotion is 100% safe and mild on the skin.
GlowSkinWhite Body Lotion is formulated with natural ingredients that effectively lighten skin discolourations, while hydrating or moisturizing the skin. This extra strength formula contains powerful botanical extracts that control excessive melanin production and lighten the targeted body skin areas, including knees, elbows, underarm and intimate areas. The result is clear, glowing, even skin tone and appreciations from everyone.
Suitable for all skin types. Directions for use: Apply all over the body twice daily - after a bath and before going to bed. For excessive dry skin recommended being mixed with baby oil before application.
This body lotion contains beneficial natural ingredients like vitamin B3, vitamin E, calendula extract, bearberry extract, mulberry extract and much more to impart an even skin tone. Vitamin B3 helps in the production of ceramides and fatty acids which help form a protective layer on your skin. Vitamin B3 is also scientifically proven to inhibit pigmentation of cells minimizing dark spots. Vitamin E prevents skin from drying by retaining the natural moisture of the skin. It can neutralize damaging free radicals reducing the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Calendula helps moisturize skin, reduces inflammation and pain from excessive dryness. Bearberry scavenges free radicles and unstable molecules which form premature wrinkles. Hence, it prevents premature wrinkle formation. It also contains polyphenol which gives bearberries an anti-oxidant property. Mulberries impart anti-dryness and anti-ageing properties to the lotion helping you to obtain even skin tone while keeping the skin moisturized at all times.
Store at room temperature. Prevent from exposure to heat. Excessive heating might damage the product.

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