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Become a MyBeauty Dropshipper



As an authorised dropshipper, you do not have to purchase stock in advance before you can sell MyBeauty products to your customers, friends or family.
There is no upfront investment required to become a MyBeauty dropshipper.


How does it work?


All you need to do is to promote some or all of MyBeauty's products to your customers, and when you make a sale, MyBeauty will process and ship the orders directly to your customers and pay you a dropship commission on everything you sell.


You can publish MyBeauty products on your own website or facebook page, or promote through any other social media channels. Then every time you receive an order, you place your order online in MyBeauty’s dropship store.


MyBeauty will then process your order and send an invoice directly to your customer for payment to the company’s bank account. You will receive copies of all orders/invoices.


Once payment is received by the company, the product(s) will then be shipped directly to your customer, while you receive your commissions.

It is that simple!


So apply to become a dropshipper for MyBeauty products today and earn regular commissions from your sales.

How can I apply?


Participation in our MyBeauty Dropship Program is free of charge and is open to individuals and businesses of all sizes in most regions and countries.


To become a MyBeauty Dropshipper just fill out and submit an application form here.


Once you are accepted in the program, we will ask you to sign the MyBeauty Dropship Agreement. Then you can start your promotions immediately!


For further information or enquiry, contact us, or call our Dropshipper Care line at # 012-737 8677 or 03-2273 5375