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Welcome to the source of natural beauty – AuraBotanic

The amazing AuraBotanic range of natural beauty products provides essential facial, body and hair care treatment solutions, perfect for your daily beauty care routine. Using only the safest herbal and botanical ingredients, this range includes cleansing solutions, toners, facial masks, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners and other products designed to provide the complete beauty care collection for your face, body and hair.

AuraBotanic products have been formulated with care and affection to ensure maximum effectiveness and satisfaction. Based on years of scientific research, traditional Ayurvedic herbs have been integrated in the formulations in order to bring out the best properties of Mother Nature’s gift to us.

Precious ingredients like aloe vera, cucumber, berries, rose petals, oranges, shea butter and a range of valuable Ayurveda herbs have been handpicked to make each of our products unique and effective. None of our products contain any harmful chemicals that might cause discomfort or lasting damage to you. Our products take care of you like you would yourself – nurturing and caressing each of your senses all day long.

The AuraBotanic collection includes products for skin care, hair care and bath & body care.


Skin Care

AuraBotanic offers a splendid range of facial care products which utilise the tender strength of nature to provide the gentlest of treatments helping you towards a smooth, flawless and glowing complexion. We have got everything you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize yourself back to your beautiful best. If beauty really is skin deep you owe it to yourself to treat your face with the best natural ingredients.


Hair Care

A shining head of hair not only portrays health and beauty on the outside, but is also a good indication about what is happening on the inside. Lifestyle, diet and other factors can all take their toll on your hair, but fortunately AuraBotanic has a superb range of natural treatments and products which will ensure that the beauty of your hair always shines through. From everyday shampoos to extensive conditioning and hair-loss treatments or covering up the grey, we can help your locks to shine using only natural herbal ingredients. Nature has provided us with everything we need to be beautiful and it is waiting for you right here.


Bath & Body Care

We believe that taking care of various parts of the body is as important as taking care of the hair or face. Hence, the AuraBotanic bath and body care range covers all your body care needs. From shower gels to body butter to foot cream, if you have a need, we have a solution for you.

Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect body and our range of fabulous products can help you to look and feel beautiful, fresh and ultimately gorgeous. As with all of our products the emphasis is on natural ways to be beautiful using only herbal, healthy ingredients.